Becoming the Greatest Expression of You with Suzanne B. O’Brien RN

I loved talking about Becoming the Greatest Expression of You with Suzanne B. O’Brien RN, Founder and CEO International Doulagivers Institute. While our journeys in this life have been different, we have both learned that death is our greatest teacher about life.

One of these learnings is that we do have a choice: We can hang onto the past or learn from it. You don’t have to live your life based on the past and that’s what Becoming the Greatest Expression of You is all about.

No longer living in the past

I don’t know about you, but for much of my life I believed that I couldn’t do so many things because of limiting beliefs, thoughts and emotions based on past events. But those events of the past are not happening now in this moment other than in my own head.

Becoming the Greatest Expression of You shows you how you can write a new story and create your future to be greater than you past. Your previous life experiences should be sources of wisdom for you to write a new story so that you can live your life with joy.

Suzanne O’Brien RN founder of the International Doulagivers Institute

“I’ve got an exciting new episode of Ask a Death Doula ready for you! In this episode – Live Authentically, Forgive the Past, & Let Death be Your Greatest Teacher About Life – I am joined by Hypnotherapist, Certified Death Doula, and Author Roger Moore. Roger joins me on the podcast to teach you how you can create a future greater than your past.

In this episode, Roger beautifully explains how everyone (AKA YOU!) can powerfully and simply shift their thinking to heal past wounds and let go of pain, guilt, and anger.
Imagine being able to have your future be ANYTHING you want it to be.

Go ahead and dive into this inspiring interview with Roger Moore – you’ll walk away from our conversation with:
• Understanding how death education and awareness is our greatest teacher about how to live.
• How forgiveness is the path to freedom.
• Techniques to help free you from anxiety and live in the present moment.

Here’s to the greatest expression of yourself showing up every day!

In Love & Service,

Suzanne B. O’Brien RN”

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