Best Diet for COVID and Long-COVID

What’s the best diet for COVID and Long-COVID? Nutrition plays a crucial role in preventing and battling COVID-19. Amid the sea of myths regarding nutrition and COVID-19, it’s vital to clarify that while no single diet can guarantee complete protection, certain dietary choices can help reduce the risk.

Healthier Diets and Lower Risk for COVID

Individuals with healthier diets tend to experience milder COVID-19 symptoms. This benefit is largely attributed to lower rates of obesity and fewer pre-existing medical conditions among those with better eating habits.

Plant-Based Diets for COVID-19

Plant-based diets offer significant advantages in reducing the risk of severe COVID-19 symptoms and infection. Research indicates that a Mediterranean-style diet can lower infection risk by 22%, while an even more plant-based diet can cut that risk in half.

Long COVID Management

When it comes to dealing with long COVID, adopting a plant-based diet is recommended. Numerous studies link plant-based diets to improved immune function, balanced neurotransmitters, reduced pain and inflammation, better sleep, and enhanced mental health.

Promoting Plant-Based Eating

In managing long COVID, promoting widespread adoption of plant-based eating could have a positive impact on both physical and mental well-being. Embracing this dietary change can be a crucial step towards a healthier recovery.

What’s the role of nutrition for both preventing and beating COVID-19?

“the best available evidence suggests that plant-based diets are beneficial in directly reducing the risk of severe COVID-19 symptoms and the risk of infection,” even independent of other health-related factors. A more Mediterranean-style diet may reduce the risk of infection by 22 percent, while an even more plant-based diet may cut infection risk in half.

For dealing with long COVID, a plant-based diet has been suggested based on the abundance of data showing positive associations of plant-based diets with improved immune function, neurotransmitter balance, pain and inflammation reduction, improved sleep, and mental health. So, in terms of lifestyle adjustments in long-COVID management, “large-scale promotion of plant-based eating” may have the potential to improve physical and mental impacts. But this has yet to be put to the test.
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