Betty Goes VeganBetty Goes Vegan is this weeks featured recipe resource and the latest edition to the Slender For Life™ Recipe Library. I grew up with my mom cooking from her 1950’s Betty Crocker Cookbook and so having 500 recipes recreated for my vegan lifestyle is fun and exciting. I haven’t ordered the cookbook yet, but the recipes on the Betty Crocker Project website are excellent. One of my goals with Slender For Life™ hypnosis for weight loss is to help you make your plant based lifestyle fun and life-long. I believe every bite of your plant based meal should be a exquisite tasting party in your mouth. To this end, I’ve gathered several thousand free plant based recipes for you to enjoy.

Betty Goes Vegan

In our debut cookbook, we’ve strived to produce a complete and comprehensive guide to help people not just go vegan but stay vegan by recreating 500 of our favorite meals & dishes cruelty-free style. There is a wide variety of recipes in here for chefs of all skill level – from the amateur can-opener to the gourmet food architect – sprinkled among helpful tips, anecdotes from the three year adventure through Betty’s Big Red as well as Betty Crocker history and analysis. The result is a delightful (if we do say so ourselves) and accessible compendium with long lost loves, reliable go-tos and not so guilty pleasures.

To prove that anything can be made vegan and that a cruelty-free lifestyle isn’t a sacrifice or drama. Living a cruelty-free lifestyle can tap into unknown reserves of creativity and inspire you to not only invest more in your own health but is doing something positive for the environment and for beings who require your compassion just to survive. Being vegan these days is easier than ever and we’d love to help vegans and not-yet-vegans alike enjoy a cruelty-free lifestyle as much as possible.

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