Becoming Slender For LifeAfter 18 years of teaching people hypnosis for weight loss I know that big is better. Those who make BIG changes in their lifestyle lose weight easier and faster and keep it off easier than those who make small or moderate changes. Moderation creates little to no change. In fact, as Jeff Novick says, moderation is killing Americans.

Hypnosis for weight loss can help you make radically healthy and lasting big changes that allow to lose weight and keep it off. Isn’t it time for you to become Slender For Life™? If you live too far from Seattle or Bainbridge Island, or are unable to travel to one of my offices, you can learn weight loss hypnosis online with me in the Hypnosis Health Info Virtual Office.

But Sometimes Big Is Better

Why do you suppose the chances of success are greater with the more radical change? Dr. Dean Ornish found that big, radical, comprehensive changes are often easier for people than small, incremental ones. For example, he says that people who make moderate changes in their diets get the worst of both worlds: They feel deprived and hungry because they aren’t eating everything they want, but they aren’t making big enough changes to quickly see an improvement in how they feel, or in measurements such as weight, blood pressure and cholesterol.

But the heart patients who went on Ornish’s tough, radical program saw quick, dramatic results, reporting a 91 percent decrease in frequency of chest pain in the first month. “These rapid improvements are a powerful motivator,” he says. “When people who have had so much chest pain that they can’t work, or make love, or even walk across the street without intense suffering, find that they are able to do all of those things without pain in only a few weeks, then they often say, ‘These are choices worth making.’”

While it’s astonishing that most patients in Ornish’s demanding program stick with it, studies show that two-thirds of patients who are prescribed statin drugs (which are highly effective at cutting cholesterol) stop taking them within one year. What could possibly be a smaller or easier lifestyle change than popping a pill every day? But Ornish says patients stop taking the drug because it doesn’t actually make them feel any better. The drug doesn’t deal with causes of high cholesterol, such as obesity, that make people feel unhealthy.

The paradox holds that big changes are easier than

small ones.

Small changes equate to small, insufficient wins. Moderate change results in little benefit. Without experiencing sufficient wins that are visible, timely, unambiguous and meaningful, your efforts to change invariably run into serious problems. Change takes place at the extremes. Change does not take place at the norm—it only occurs at either end of the bell curve. Sadly, Dr. Dennis H. Novack tells us in The New Medicine that 50 percent of the causes of mortality in the U.S. are related to modifiable behaviors such as diet.

The books The McDougall Program For Maximum Weight Loss or Dr. Neal Barnard’s Breaking the Food Seduction are highly recommended and provide safe and nutritionally sound guidance for achieving a 5 to 10 percent fat calorie approach. If you are truly interested in exploding the dietary myths that you’ve held as true, I also urge you to read The Pleasure Trap by Douglas Lisle, PhD. and Alan Goldhamer, D.C., The Food Revolution by John Robbins and The China Study by T. Colin Campbell, PhD.

While you are the one who ultimately decides on the eating strategy that best fits your needs, according to JAMA (the Journal of the American Medical Association) 280,000 Americans are killed annually by diseases due to excess weight.

From Becoming Slender For Life, second edition,
pages 130 -131


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