The biology behind our behinds is this weeks selected reading from Becoming Slender For Life. Chocolate, cheese, cookies and doughnuts all stimulate the same part of the brain that responds to heroin. It feels good and we want more. With more than 65% of the U.S. population being overweight, and our need to belong, its hard not to be overweight. With weight loss hypnosis you can change that. Even if your genetics predispose you to obesity doesn’t mean that you have to be overweight. In my family obesity runs rampant. Most of my life I was overweight or obese. Then, with self hypnosis, I lost the weight and I have kept it off for over 17 years. You too can learn hypnosis for weight loss.

The biology behind our behinds

At least researchers are beginning to understand what’s behind this massive epidemic. Extensive research continues to be conducted regarding the addictive qualities of food. Yes, food can be addictive. While I doubt that you’ve ever heard of anyone addicted to broccoli, lettuce, carrots, grapes or bananas, people are easily seduced by foods that leave them out of shape and often in poor health.

In his book, Breaking the Food Seduction, Dr. Neal Barnard, M.D., tells us that whenever an experience provides more pleasure than expected, your brain releases a bit of dopamine, the brain’s main pleasure-producing chemical. An unexpected food treat, a romantic flirtation—or anything your brain decides is a good thing—causes dopamine to lock onto your brain cells and build a permanent trace of where pleasure comes from. It keeps flavors, scents and sexual experiences alive in your mind and makes you want to experience them again and again.

During our cave dwelling past, food choices were limited, and our pleasure centers did not have a particularly challenging job. All they had to do was help us distinguish between a sweet, juicy ripe peach and one that was rock hard and un-ripened. But today, sugary, fatty, mouth-watering foods are everywhere, ready to bamboozle our senses and take us off course.

Today, for some people, the pleasure center is open for business 24/7.

Chocolate, cheese, cookies and doughnuts all stimulate the same part of the brain that responds to heroin. It feels good and we want more.

This strong compulsive quality is the basis of an addiction. Would you rather have chocolate than sex? The same part of your brain that appreciates chocolate is also responsible for libido. When you eat chocolate , it stimulates opiate receptors in your brain and can become as habit forming—and what you may not realize—just as real as if you were addicted to narcotics.

So it’s no wonder that releasing weight is a painful experience. Keeping it off takes ongoing effort. For some of us, our genetic predisposition is to seemingly gain weight just watching someone else eat that Krispy Kreme donut. I repeatedly hear, “I just want to eat like everyone else,” or, “I just want to be like everyone else.” Well, everyone else is overweight! To be at an ideal weight means living differently. It means eating and drinking differently. Our bodies were not created to eat high-fat, high-sugar foods and to sit at a computer all day and in front of the television all night. So with this harsh reality, how do YOU make changes in YOUR life when 65 percent of us are overweight?

From Becoming Slender For Life, second edition,
page 15 – 17

With weight loss hypnosis you can make changes in your life that allow you to achieve and maintain your healthy ideal weight. When you learn hypnosis for weight loss you can overcome food addictions and unhealthy cravings and create healthy desires for plant based food.

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