More Holiday Recipes

I wish I would have found these holiday recipes weeks ago, but we still have another month of holiday celebrations. I’ve not really looked at Whole Foods vegan holiday recipes prior to this, but I see several items on that look delicious.

These Vegan Holiday Recipes are the latest edition to the Slender For Life™ Recipe Library. If you find a favorite, please let me know in the comment section below.

If you’re out shopping today …. breathe and have fun.

Holiday Recipes

The Slender For Life™ Library has more than 30,000 free scrumptious recipes just waiting for you!

Vegan Holiday Recipes

Whole Foods says, “Whether you’re making a full vegan meal or are looking for vegan options to serve, these rich and flavorful vegan recipes (from soup to dessert) are great ideas for any holiday table. They celebrate the season’s best ingredients, with mixed mushroom soup, celery root mash, creamy winter squash and roasted endive. They also offer up vegan versions of holiday classics, with a vegan coconut oil piecrust recipe and tahini-garlic mashed potatoes. Save room in your menu for some (or all!) of these vegan holiday recipes.” Read Vegan Holiday Recipes

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I make sure the holiday foods and beverages I ingest contribute to my vibrant health.

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