Blood Type Diet Fraud

I’m hoping that you’re not one of the many who got caught up in the Blood Type Diet fraud. I really had thought that this unhealthy fad diet was behind us. But, sadly, in the last week, it’s been mentioned to me 3 times.

Most recently, Saturday night at dinner, a friend told me she followed the Blood Type Diet.

I really didn’t want this to become the topic of our plant-based Christmas dinner, I asked her if she had read any of the research that proves that the Blood Type Diet is a fraud.

I also told her that if she was interested, she could email me and that I would send her the research and articles that expose the Blood Type Diet fraud.

If you are following the Blood Type Diet, I invite you to check on the evidence. There is almost no evidence in support of it and overwhelming evidence against it.

Stop worrying about your blood type. Why not just eat whole plant-based food for nourishment?

Blood Type Diet Fraud

Evidence-based nutrition

For more than 20 years, Seattle Hypnosis with Roger Moore has supported people with the principles of evidence-based nutrition. By that I mean, a whole-food plant-based lifestyle.

There is now 100 years of evidence that supports eating plant-based foods for weight loss and overall health and wellness.

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Blood Type Diet Debunked

Michael Greger M.D. FACLM April 2nd, 2014 Volume 18: “The book, Eat Right for Your Type, makes the astounding claim that people with different blood types should eat different foods.

Type O’s are supposed to be like the hunter and eat a lot of meat, whereas people with type A blood are supposed to eat less.

A systematic review of the evidence supporting blood type diets was published in one of the world’s most prestigious nutrition journals. They didn’t find any.

What they found so outrageous is that the blood type diet is promoted and justified in the book by supposed scientific arguments, yet the author takes no pains to prove his ideas, just presenting them simply as facts, taking advantage of people’s ignorance of biology.

As my Norwegian colleague bemoaned, ‘it is difficult not to perceive the whole thing as a crass fraud.'”

Read Blood Type Diet Debunked

Blood Type Diet: Fact or Fiction?

Michael Klaper, M.D.: “In my opinion, D’Adamo has spun an evolutionary fairy tale that leaves many unanswered questions. What exactly is he proposing happened to Type O hunter-gatherers when the Type A people began growing wheat, barley and other grains?

Do Type O people eat a mouthful of barley and fall down in the dust, unable to work and reproduce? Do they then become warlike and club the agrarian people to death because lectins are clogging their intestines?

Do the genetic changes to Type A blood type magically appear just before a society grows new grains (allowing them to eat the new grains in the first place), or did Type A blood types emerge after the grains are grown, as the people with Type O blood died out from their blood agglutinating in their brains?

And why would so many of the native Indians of North America, classic Type O hunters, go to the trouble of cultivating high-lectin corn (maize)?

If you find all the foregoing questions as troubling as I do, perhaps you, too, will want to think long and hard about adopting the “blood type” diet as your guide for health-enhancing dietary choices.”

Read Blood Type Diet: Fact or Fiction?

Theory behind popular blood-type diet debunked

University of Toronto: “Researchers have found that the theory behind the popular blood type diet — which claims an individual’s nutritional needs vary by blood type — is not valid.

Dr. Ahmed El-Sohemy, says that a previous lack of scientific evidence doesn’t mean the diets didn’t work.

‘There was just no evidence, one way or the other. It was an intriguing hypothesis so we felt we should put it to the test. We can now be confident in saying that the blood type diet hypothesis is false.’

Last year, a comprehensive review published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found no evidence to support the ‘blood-type’ diet and called for properly designed scientific studies to address it.”

Read Theory behind popular blood-type diet debunked

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