This past week someone was trying to convince me about the merits of the Blood Type Diet. When I asked if they had ever seen any supporting evidence their response was, “I lost weight.” I smiled and said, “yes, I’m sure you did as long as you dieted.” When I asked what happened after the diet they acknowledged they gained back more than they had lost. The reason they lost weight was due to calorie restriction and not because of matching food to their blood type. Slender For Life™ weight loss hypnosis clients learn to eat healthy food in a natural way that supports living at a healthy ideal weight for life. No crazy blood type diets.

Blood type diets lack supporting evidence

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, May 22, 2013: Background: Diets that are based on the ABO blood group system have been promoted over the past decade and claim to improve health and decrease risk of disease. To our knowledge, the evidence to support the effectiveness of blood type diets has not previously been assessed in the scientific literature.

Conclusions: No evidence currently exists to validate the purported health benefits of blood type diets.

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The notion of choosing your food based on your blood type has always baffled me. It makes no sense. Do the promoters of the blood type diet really think that God created some complicated food selection system? If so, how did humans survive for thousands of years without testing their blood? Blood typing is a recent development in human history. We’ve been eating since the beginning.

Throughout history, people have primarily lived on vegetables, fruit and whole grains. The Kings and Queens who had the luxury of eating animals, died of diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. History supports a plant based diet. There is no evidence to support a blood type diet.

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