At my Slender For Life™ Seattle weight loss hypnosis office I am often asked about the Body Mass Index (BMI). I’ll be honest, I don’t pay much attention to it as I have experienced too many times where it is inaccurate and misleading. Your BMI doesn’t reveal anything about your body composition — for example, how much muscle versus fat do you have? What I do know is that hypnosis for weight loss can help you lose weight and keep it off. Do you see yourself as fat? Are you sick of weight loss diets but want to improve your health? If so, learn self hypnosis and see yourself as slender, fit and trim.

Why Your BMI Doesn’t Tell the Whole Story

WebMD, July 2, 2012: You may have heard of BMI — body mass index. It’s based on your height and weight, and it’s widely used to say who’s obese, who’s overweight (but not obese), who’s at a normal weight, and who’s underweight.

But the BMI has some drawbacks. It may not be the best way to size up your shape. And it says nothing at all about your fitness level. Your BMI is a number. It doesn’t reveal anything about your body composition — for example, how much muscle versus fat do you have? That’s why conclusions based only on BMI can be misleading, especially for these groups:

Muscular people: Some people have high BMIs, but don’t have much body fat — their muscle tissue pushes up their weight. People in the military who exercise daily might fall into this category. Other examples: A football player or a body builder who is very muscular. Their BMI shows up pretty high and yet, their body fat is actually pretty low.

Frail or inactive people: Some people with BMIs that are in the normal range actually have lots of body fat, though they may not look out of shape. Think of that as being fat on the inside.

Traditionally, we define obesity by a certain cut-off on the BMI scale. In other words, we are defining obesity by simply a size, a number. That’s not entirely valuable in many cases. Simply evaluating people based on their size is an antiquated and not terribly useful way of going about stratifying patients clinically when it comes to obesity.

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There are many ways of evaluating obesity. In my Seattle weight loss hypnosis office my Slender For Life™ clients step on a scale at the beginning of each session. In my Kitsap County weight loss hypnosis office clients step on the scale and put their hands on a bioelectrical impedance analysis device that tells percentage of lean muscle and percentage of body fat. The scale and the bioelectrical impedance analysis device provide feedback on progress. It is data and nothing more. Fear, guild and dread of the scale or other fat measuring devises are common and can easily be overcome with self hypnosis. Learn hypnosis for weight loss and see yourself slender, fit and trim.

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