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So what is your body talk like? Do you talk to your body with love and kindness? Or, are you mean and condescending? Your organs do have their own consciousness and you can talk to them.

There is no such distinction between your mind and your body. A study at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) recently showed that “peptides and other biochemicals carry the messages of our thoughts and our emotions everywhere, perception affects behavior and behavior changes the very physicality of our brain and body, memories from our life experiences are stored in the organs and in our fascia and, more than a defined, isolated individual, we are more like a cooperative of many voices including a majority of foreign DNA from a microbiome which gives us fundamental aspects of our identity such as our very personality traits.”

As a result of being hit by a car while riding my bike and the resulting rotator cuff surgery, I’ve had many opportunities to talk with my shoulder. I talk encourage it to heal. When I experience discomfort I ask my what does it need to be more comfortable. I visualize greater range of motion and increase strength. According to my surgeon and my Physical Therapist, my shoulder is doing remarkably well considering the extensive surgery that I had.

I talk with my overall body about maintaining wellness and I listen to what my body is trying to tell me.

When you look in the mirror at your body, don’t think “yuck!” Instead, give your body loving attention and thank it for bringing you this far in life.

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As a Medical Hypnotherapist I can help you to have a healthier relationship with your body and it’s organs. In recent months I have witnessed the benefits of healthy communication with body organs as a result of helping people who have had Covid-19 and are now dealing with Long Haulers (Covid Persistent Symptoms).

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Our organs can tell us a lot of things

“For instance, a patient who came to treatment for severe constipation, had received standard help from doctors such as increasing fiber and exercise, stool softeners and even antidepressants, with weak results. During the consult, using guided imagery, we established a conversation ‘between his higher self and his colon’, and his colon told him that the reason it was holding its movement was because he was feeling stuck at work. He had a long term dispute with his business partner that wasn’t being resolved.

There are two steps and one rule to do this

The first step is doing something to quiet the mind chatter and be present. This can be one minute focusing on our breathing, or even just one breath!

The second step is to turn our attention to a particular organ with an attitude of inquiry and establish a dialogue.

The rule is that when we ask a question, we have to be direct, as if we were talking to someone right in front of us, and then pause and wait for the very first thing that comes to mind, without preconditions. It might be a thought, an image or a memory. It might be the feeling of something that could become clear at a later time.

The rule means that it is spontaneous information that formulates in our Consciousness in the pause immediately after we address the question to the organ.

Sometimes, there doesn’t need to even be a question; all that seems to be needed is to turn our attention to the organ with the intention to see it and listen to it.”

Read Our Organs Have Their Own Consciousness And We Can Talk to Them

Dr. Reid

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I thank my body for my continued well-being.

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