Your physical body is made up of roughly 50 trillion cells. About 30 billion of these are nerve cells. Every day millions of cells throughout our bodies are being replaced. 98% of your body is replaced within one year with the remaining cells being replaced the following year.

Knowing that the cells in our bodies are constantly changing gives us the option of replacing the old cells with stronger, healthier ones. An athlete in training pushes their body to new limits. The quality and quantity of the nutrients consumed will impact the ease and speed at which the desired changes can occur.

So, of course the body also adapts sitting on the couch, eating Doritos and Twinkies and drinking Coke. This is where hypnosis comes in: Using self hypnosis you can change your eating behavior and your cravings for junk food to a healthy desire for vegetables and whole grains. In Chapter 2 of Becoming Slender For Life I explain how to use hypnotherapy and how to give yourself suggestions. You can also use my new Power Minutes with your one minute self hypnosis.

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I am creating a healthy mind and a healthy body.