Use your brain to control your pain In my Seattle hypnosis, Bainbridge hypnosis and with Skype hypnosis I teach clients medical hypnosis so you can use your brain to control your pain. Hypnosis pain control has been shown to be effective for pain relief in numerous studies and is used in medical settings around the world. If you are suffering with chronic pain, call or email me and find out how you too can learn hypnosis pain management.

Control Pain With Brain

Scientists from Stanford University in California placed volunteers suffering from chronic pain in a scanner that allowed them to see activity in an area called the ACC.

ACC is in the middle of the brain just centimeters from the forehead.

When the ACC gets more active pain gets fiercer, but when activity drops pain subsides.

Some people calm themselves with a sandy beach and a cool breeze. Shifting focus from the pain is also a good technique.

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I’ve had the honor for many years to study hypnosis pain relief with some of the leading experts like Michael Ellner, Scott Sandland, Melissa Roth, Richard Nongard, Paul Durbin. My hypnosis school held the Seattle Master Pain Control class three years ago with Ellner and Sandland which is now viewed by professionals world wide and available here through the Hypnosis Health Info Store.

If you have had enough of chronic pain, call or email me from wherever you are. You too can learn how you can use your brain to control your pain.

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