Good news – your brain may never be too old to learn new tricks! Recent studies of brain plasticity has shown us of the amazing ability of the brain to reinvent itself. Throughout life, your brain has the ability to learn. With hypnosis you can train your brain to learn new information and to change your thoughts, emotions and behaviors. Self-hypnosis can help you reshape your brain and create new connections between brain cells.

New Clues on Brain’s Ability to Learn

WebMD Health News, April 4, 2011: The adult brain may never be too old to learn new tricks. A new study shows as little as two hours of “child-like” learning may be enough to stimulate growth of gray matter in the brains of mature adults.

Researchers say the findings suggest that the adult brain’s ability to change — or “plasticity” as it’s known in medical terms — occurs much faster than previously thought. Prior studies have shown increases in gray matter in adults after weeks or months of training, but in this study researchers induced changes in less than two hours of training. Brain scans taken before and after the training sessions showed the participants’ gray matter increased in areas of the brain associated with color vision and perception.

Researchers say the results not only show that adult brain plasticity is greater than previously thought, but color perception and processing may have unique effects on learning and language.

Read New Clues on Brain’s Ability to Learn

No matter how old you are, you are never too old to learn self-hypnosis. Adult clients repeatedly tell me how much hypnosis has helped them with learning new classes or in updating their professional skills. One woman in her 50s recently passed a difficult financial planners exam using hypnosis for her studies and while taking the exam. The result – she got a big pay raise!

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