Sugar and Weight Loss

Sugar and Weight Loss

Is your brain on sugar? Since the holidays I’ve had several calls and emails from people wanting my free weight loss hypnosis consultation because they are hooked on sugar. With my Slender For Life™ program you can learn hypnosis for weight loss to end your cravings for food that makes you fat and sick. I used to love sugar in the form of baked goods like cinnamon rolls, bakery breads and cookies – and I had an extra 110 pounds to show for it! With self hypnosis I was able to easily end my cravings for sugars and fats. You can too! Call or email me from where ever you may live and I’ll help you create a program that will work for you.



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This Is Your Brain On Sugar

“when we eat sugar a signal is sent from the tongue to the cerebral cortex that activates a “rewards system.” This in turn encourages us to eat more. A huge part of the rewards system is the release of dopamine in our brain, which, when put into overdrive, can be pretty addictive.”

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In the past I have written several posts on the unhealthy addictive qualities of sugar and I have chosen to share some of them here:

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Sugar and weight loss

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You deserve a healthy body and mind. The online John McDougall Starch Solution classes that I am offering are a perfect way for you to learn about what really is a scientifically based healthy diet and learn some basic skills how how you can make lasting lifestyle changes. And, when you sign up for the class, I am happy to offer you a free weight loss hypnosis consultation.

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