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WOW – there’s a brain ‘switch’ tells body to burn fat after a meal. Scientists have found a mechanism by which the brain coordinates feeding with energy expenditure, solving a puzzle that has previously eluded researchers and offering a potential novel target for the treatment of obesity.

My colleague, Kelley T. Woods called this the inhibitor switch. In my Slender For Life™ Weight Loss Hypnosis program I’ve talked and written about speeding up your metabolism, turning up the metabolism dial and firing up the fat burning.

There are many metaphors that you can create and use with your brain switch. And, remember, you can either limit your imagination or allow your imagination to be limitless. It’s your imagination, so have fun with it and shed the excess fat.

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Burn fat

Brain ‘switch’ tells body to burn fat after a meal

The researchers showed that the brain’s ability to sense insulin and coordinate feeding with energy expenditure via browning is controlled by a switch-like mechanism turned on after fasting to inhibit the response to insulin, repressing browning and conserving energy, and turned off after feeding to facilitate the insulin response to promote browning and to expend energy.

“What happens in the context of obesity is that the switch stays on all the time — it doesn’t turn on off during feeding,” lead researcher Professor Tony Tiganis said.

“As a consequence, browning is turned off all the time and energy expenditure is decreased all the time, so when you eat, you don’t see a commensurate increase in energy expenditure — and that promotes weight gain,” Professor Tiganis said.

Read: Brain ‘switch’ tells body to burn fat after a meal

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