Your brain unconsciously acts on temptationI bet that it’s no surprise to you that your brain unconsciously acts on temptation. If you didn’t already know that you wouldn’t be reading this post, be my client or have challenges with self control with weight loss, spending smoking, alcohol, gambling or other potentially self destructive behaviors. Self hypnosis can help you change that. When you learn hypnosis you can reprogram your subconscious mind to respond differently to temptation. Visit me at my Seattle hypnosis and Bainbridge hypnosis offices or on-line via Skype and lets put you in control of your thoughts, emotions and behavior.

Subliminal Manipulation: Our Brains Can (Unconsciously) Act On Temptation

Inhibitory self control — not picking up a cigarette, not having a second drink, not spending when we should be saving — can operate without our awareness or intention.

“Many important behaviors such as weight loss, giving up smoking, and saving money involve a lot of self-control,” the researchers noted. “While many psychological theories state that actions can be initiated automatically with little or no conscious effort, these same theories view inhibition as an effortful, consciously controlled process. Although reaching for that cookie doesn’t require much thought, putting it back on the plate seems to require a deliberate, conscious intervention. Our research challenges the long-held assumption that inhibition processes require conscious control to operate.”

Read Subliminal Manipulation: Our Brains Can (Unconsciously) Act On Temptation

When my weight was 260 pounds one of my temptations was cinnamon rolls. On autopilot, I drove to the bakery, bought 2 or 3 big cinnamon rolls and ate them all as I drove the five minute drive back to my office. It wasn’t unusual for me an hour later to have the thought that I should go to the bakery and then have a vague recollection that I had already been there and done that. Today, thanks to hypnosis for weight loss, my life, my thoughts, my emotions and my behavior are very different.

On Sunday I my wife and I met one of our granddaughters for breakfast. She was home from college for the weekend and we were excited to see her. I looked over the menu for several as we talked and I made a very conscious choice. I ordered oatmeal and dry whole grain toast – and one of their homemade cinnamon rolls. It was the first cinnamon roll I had ordered in almost a year. When our meals came, I had a couple spoonfuls of oatmeal. Then, with my fork, I took a bite cinnamon roll. It was really good! Over the next 30 minutes I finished my oatmeal, ate two more bites of the cinnamon roll ate less than three-fourths of the toast and felt totally satisfied. My wife and granddaughter each shared some of the  cinnamon roll and the rest went into a box that still sits on the kitchen counter (needs to be thrown away now).

Thanks to self hypnosis, the unconscious behavior was to eat 3 bites and feel satisfied with no interest in eating more. Learn hypnosis and change how your brain unconsciously acts on temptation. You too can change your life and be in control of your thoughts, emotions and behavior.

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