Epidemic of depression and anxiety

Max Strom travels the world teaching people how to breathe. In today’s information age, people are unhappier and more stressed than ever before.

I was shocked to learn that according to the World Health Organization (WHO), by the year 2020, depression and anxiety will be the number 1 disability.

25% of women in the U.S. are now taking antidepressant and/or anti-anxiety medication. Almost as many men take one or both medications.

According to JAMA, the percentage of Americans on Antidepressants doubled between 1999 and 2012.

The CDC has declared the sleep dysfunction is at an epidemic level. This is a world-wide phenomenon.

Will you survive your success?

Is your life sustainable? You may have achieved professional and financial success in your life, but can you sustain the stress and anxiety that it causes?

Breath Heals

When you experience stressful thoughts, your sympathetic nervous system triggers the body’s ancient fight-or-flight response.

Researchers have documented the benefits of deep breathing which include:

  • Decreased feelings of stress and overwhelm
  • Reduced anxiety and depression
  • Increased energy levels
  • Lower/stabilized blood pressure
  • Muscle relaxation

Calm your mind and body

With deep breathing, you can reverse these symptoms and be calm in your mind and body. Breathing deeply and slowly activates your parasympathetic nervous system, which reverses the stress response in your body. Your heart rate slows and your blood pressure lowers. You calm your mind and body.

Self-hypnosis ~ a time to breathe

The Light Switch Self-hypnosis technique that I teach is a time for breath. A time to slow down and calm your mind and body.

Using self-hypnosis prior to a meal helps you to absorb the nutrients in the food you eat. Most people eat on the run when they are in the fight and flight response. Their blood is flowing to their extremities for survival and no matter how healthy the food may be, the nutrients aren’t absorbed. Take the time to breathe before your first bite.

Breathe to Heal | Max Strom | TEDxCapeMay

With anxiety, stress, and sleep dysfunction skyrocketing around the globe, it’s time we look at the unspoken reasons why. These debilitating challenges can be meaningfully impacted with ten to twenty minutes of breathing exercises per day. Max Strom,who has taught breath-work for 20 years, reveals his insights into the healing power of the breath.


The problem is not with stress itself. Rather, the problem lies with how much stress, how often you feel stressed and what tools you have to deal with stress.

Do you have Orange Blossom?

Orange Blossom is used world-wide for stress reduction, sleep, pain control, calming your mind and overall happiness. Orange Blossom is my free 27-minutes hypnosis MP3 download.

Click Orange Blossom and begin to breathe


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