Bridge of Empowerment is this weeks weight loss hypnosis MP3 download now available through the Hypnosis Health Info Store. Bridge of Empowerment has been one of the most favorite therapies and is often requested by Slender For Life™ clients. If you have ever lost weight, you know that there are those times when you struggle and its seems as if there is a crevasse between you and your weight release goal. With hypnosis, you can use your mind and build a bridge to cross this crevasse. You really can become Slender For Life™.

Bridge of Empowerment

You have come a long way in your weight release journey to this point. Your path has had its challenges here and there. In this journey, you have been learning about yourself and about your relationship to food. Now, imagine with me for a moment that on your path before you, there is a great crevasse. A crevasse between you and the continuation of your weight release journey. As you look across to the other side, you see a ledge and that your pathway goes on and on.

On the other side, where there would perhaps be a bridge that you could walk across, you see and begin to feel an image of yourself. It is your magnificent you at your ideal weight. See this image. You look so magnificent on the other side of this crevasse. You are motivated to reach your destined, ideal self on the other side and become this magnificent you, the best you. So you begin now to create and build a safe, strong and solid bridge across this crevasse.

You now choose healthy foods, free of fat and you take action with your imagination and emotions. You exercise, you are free of conflicting desires, and you experience inner harmony and peace of mind. You’re filled with enthusiasm for attaining your goal, and every action you take brings you closer and closer to your goal and with this thought, the last step, the last plank, appears on the bridge, and the bridge is now complete.

You move swiftly across the bridge and become one with that ideal image of yourself on the other side of the bridge.

(NOTE: If you already have the Becoming Slender For Life hypnosis CD set, Bridge of Empowerment is one of the many excellent weight loss hypnosis tracks included).

Length: 27.56 Only $12.97

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My book Becoming Slender For Life is an excellent guide for your weight loss journey. Build your Bridge Of Empowerment today and empower yourself to achieve your goal to lose weight.

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