Christiana Breda Antoniades wrote and interesting article on November 11, 2007 in the, titled, Get Smart(er). She wrote that “staying active is good for the brain. Exercise improves the flow of blood throughout your body, including to your noggin, which helps it operate better.”

Anything that leads you to be healthier, mentally or physically says Kurt Fischer, director of the Harvard Graduate School of Education‘s Mind Brain and Education Program, “leads to you being more alert, which leads you to being more attentive to the task at had, which leads to better performance.”

Exercise also stimulates the creation of certain proteins, including brain-derived neurontotrphic factors, that are important for brain development and repair. Exercise improves your overall health, boosts your mood and keeps your weight down. And, excess weight can be bad for the brain.

One of the many benefits of hypnotherapy that clients frequently report to me is that they are now exercising. Sometimes, with only one or two hypnosis sessions, clients who were not exercising – who said they hated to exercise, are showing up at the gym – and, they want to!

Up until I learned self-hypnosis, I never exercised and I hated to sweat. I found myself at the gym 5 and 6 days a week. I climbed Mt. Rainier, I began to run and completed 5 marathons and now I am an avid cyclist. Now, I rarely have a head cold, I have had the flu (and no flu shots in my life) only twice in the last eleven years. And even more importantly to me, I don’t have the depression that I once struggled with. I attribute this physical, mental and emotional change in my life to using self-hypnosis, to exercise and to eating healthy.