Building neural pathways

Studies at Yale show that your brain reflects what you think and feel, even if it’s not really what happened. You are building neural pathways with every thought and every feeling.

If fear and negativity is what you are thinking and feeling, then you are building a neural network of dis-ease. You literally are rewriting the expression of your genes every second with your thoughts, emotions and actions. When you fire and wire the same thoughts and emotions you are building the corresponding neuropathways. When you stop firing those same neuropathways, they will stop firing and “un-wire”.

The good news is that with the Greatest Expression of You process, you have the opportunity to take control of the quality of your thoughts and feelings. Doing so builds a neural network focused on the transmission of positive, healing and joyful impulses.

Using the Greatest Expression of You, you are deliberately encoding new genetic pathways in your brain. You are creating being your best self by experiencing it through this process.

Building neural pathways

Your body does the healing

Your body does the healing. It’s not the Band-Aid that heals a cut or a cast that heals a broken bone. It is not your doctor or other healthcare professional that heals your body. They can make a difference, but not as much as you can.

If your thoughts are of fear and negativity, then healing is suppressed. Your thoughts, your emotions and your behavior turn genes on and off. Think about it – by changing your thoughts, your emotions and your behavior you can change your health. If you are being your Best Self and are memorizing love and joy, then healing and wellness are enriched.

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I encode genetic pathways of love, joy and healing.

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