If you have ever had emotional anguish you may recognize that getting burned and getting dumped feel the same. The same brain networks are activated when you experience physical pain or heart ache. Your brain does not distinguish between physical pain and emotional pain. Pain is pain. The great news is that hypnosis works for physical pain as well as emotional pain. In fact, many of the same hypnosis techniques used for alleviating emotional pain are used for managing physical pain. Self-hypnosis helps you change your brain networks so that you feel better physically and emotionally.  Learn hypnosis to change your brain and end your pain.

To The Brain, Getting Burned,
Getting Dumped Feel The Same

Health.com, March 29, 2011: Science has finally confirmed what anyone who’s ever been in love already knows: Heartbreak really does hurt. Researchers have found that the same brain networks that are activated when you’re burned by hot coffee also light up when you think about a lover who has spurned you. In other words, the brain doesn’t appear to firmly distinguish between physical pain and intense emotional pain. Heartache and painful breakups are more than just metaphors.

The study, which was published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, illuminates the role that feelings of rejection and other emotional trauma can play in the development of chronic pain disorders such as fibromyalgia. It raises interesting questions about whether treating physical pain can help to relieve emotional pain, and vice versa.

What’s exciting about these findings is that they outline the direct way in which emotional experiences can be linked to the body. Past traumas can make people more sensitive to pain and thus more susceptible to disorders like fibromyalgia, which causes both chronic pain and fatigue. The researchers encourage pain patients to “explore their emotional trauma and baggage.”

Read To The Brain, Getting Burned,
Getting Dumped Feel The Same

If you are in emotional or physical pain, learn hypnosis and change your brain. Using self-hypnosis for emotional healing can ease physical pain and easing your physical pain can help you through emotional pain. Change your brain with hypnosis.

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