Calorie counts do not cause Americans to eat healthierThe calorie counts on McDonald’s menus or any other fast food restaurant do not cause Americans to eat healthier or to lose weight. A new study shows that calorie counts do not discourage Americans from eating fast food about two times a week. Seattle weight loss and Bainbridge weight loss clients of Slender For Life™ know that you have to change your thoughts, your emotions and your behavior to make healthy choices and to lose weight. It’s not about a diet or calorie counts. With hypnosis for weight loss lifestyle change can be easy. You too can end your cravings and habits for junk food and create desires for healthy plant based food.

McDonald’s Calorie Counters do Not Cause Consumers to Make Healthier Meal Choices

University Herald, July 20, 2013: A new study showed calorie counters next to McDonald’s menu items have not promoted healthy eating habits, CBS News reported.

The study, published Thursday in The American Journal of Public Health, showed that any restaurant displaying the number of calories next to the menu item did not cause Americans to eat healthier.

“In the end the bigger issue is that asking people to do math three times a day every day of their lives is a lot. Because it’s not like we make a decision about what to eat just once. It’s a lot of decisions. And if you add a cognitive [mental] burden on top of that it’s a lot to ask.”

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Cause Consumers to Make Healthier Meal Choices

At Bainbridge weight loss and Seattle weight loss you can learn hypnosis for weight loss and make the lifestyle changes to improve your health and wellness. Based on results, diets and calorie counting hasn’t worked yet – Americans are fatter than ever. Weight loss hypnosis can help you to command your mind to think clearly and to act in your own best interest.

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