Dr. Joel Fuhrman shows us that a child’s diet is directly related to cancer risk as an adult. Your diet in younger life has a greater effect than your diet later in life. However as an adult, raw vegetables have the most consistent and powerful association with the reduction of cancers of all types including stomach, pancreas, colon and breast even when damage is done early in life. In pre-menopausal women more fat from red meat and dairy increase risk of breast cancer up to 54%. It is essential that you eat a plant based diet to maximize your health and your longevity. There is a 60% reduction in cancer among people who eat a plant based diet. If you are eating the standard American diet, hypnosis can help you make a radical change in your eating lifestyle. In both my Seattle hypnosis and Bainbridge Island hypnosis offices I specialize in Medical Hypnosis supporting you in making healthy lifestyle changes.

Childhood diet predicts adult cancer

Joel Fuhrman MD discusses a wide body of research showing that cancer risk is directly related to your diet as a child. Thousands of studies over many years provide remarkably consistent information.

So does that mean it doesn’t matter what you eat as an adult? Your risk is already set based on what your parents fed you?

As Dr. Fuhrman explains, raw green vegetables have a remarkable protective effect even when damage is done early in life.

Read Childhood diet predicts adult cancer

If you are ready to make radical changes in your life for your health and wellness, Medical Hypnosis can help you. Food can kill or heal. Learn self hypnosis and choose your food wisely.

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