An essential part of cancer treatment might be needles or cannulas. If you are comfortable with them it will make your treatment much more pleasant. With hypnosis you can relax and over come the fear of needles and other medical procedures. Learn self-hypnosis and relax when you really need to. Cancer – Easier Needles is this weeks hypnosis MP3 download from

Cancer – Easier Needles

Getting tense has its uses. Sometimes. Fear is all about being on the alert. In its place it gets us going by making heart pump harder and getting us to breath quicker. In fact all the things we’d need to have happen if we were running away from something that was about to harm us. Unfortunately when we tense certain changes happen. For one, we become more sensitive to pain and secondly the immune system works less effectively.

Your body aligns to what your mind imagines. When you relax deeply all the systems in the body work more efficiently, from your immune response to your respiratory system. Recalling pleasant, healthy and relaxing times with all your senses can allow you to reassess those times. As far as your body is concerned you are back there again. We want this download to encourage you, not just to relax, but to relax when you really need to. This skill will make having needles and cannulas inserted much easier.

Download Cancer Easier Needles

Living with a disease like cancer is stressful. Then you add in the additional stresses of medical treatments, family, work and other life issues and the stress can become overwhelming. All this makes injections even more frightening and stressful. Learn hypnosis to relax your mind and your body will follow.

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When I relax my mind I feel calm and safe.

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