Cancer patients use hypnosis in healingIt’s always exciting to me when I see published articles about cancer patients using hypnosis in the healing process. Mindfulness based techniques like hypnosis can help normalize your immune system helping you to fight caner, reduce pain, minimize side affects of treatment and help facilitate a speedy recovery. Cancer patients at Peninsula Cancer Center in Poulsbo, WA, learn self hypnosis so that they feel empowered and to created peace and joy.

Cancer patients use herbs, yoga, hypnosis in healing process, October 20, 2013: To receive a cancer diagnosis, you are poked and prodded, likely stuck with needles of all sorts, and perhaps have a biopsy or a surgery.

To treat cancer, you are poked and prodded, stuck with needles, and may have surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

Medical treatments for cancers save or extend lives but can take a toll on the patients, causing depression, stress-related illnesses (anxiety, fatigue, difficulty sleeping) and symptoms such as nausea. Many patients need treatment to aid them with their treatments.

Meditation, yoga and acupuncture can help reduce the side effects from cancer-fighting drugs and therapies.

“The overwhelming labyrinth of medical procedures can be better negotiated one breath at a time,” says physical therapist Rachel Bixby, an experienced yoga therapist/teacher and owner of Lazy Dog Therapeutics at the Integral Therapy Center in Roscoe.

“Bodies feeling betrayed can still find peace and joy. This is true healing.”

Hypnosis and biofeedback devices have been used by cancer patients to enter a deep state of concentration with the help of a certified therapist. Both can help with pain management and stress reduction.

Read Cancer patients use herbs,
yoga, hypnosis in healing process

Medical hypnosis can help reduce the side effects from cancer-fighting drugs and therapies as well as help you alleviate pain. Learn self hypnosis so that your body can vibrate with peace and joy.

If you are living with cancer or have another long term illness or chronic pain, you are welcome to join us at Peninsula Cancer Center the third Monday of every month. If you live too far from Puget Sound, Skype coaching may be available for you. Call or email me for details.

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