Cancer Simplified

I found this blog post, Cancer Simplified to be informative and it presents a compelling case for eating whole plant-based food. As the author states, “Meat, dairy or any derivative of any animal is not a nutrition source. ”

This past Monday I caught the tail end of a news report on the importance of protein in your diet. It saddens and angers me that in 2018 people are still being marketed a false bill of goods that they need to eat protein.

Chances are, no medical doctor has told you that you have a protein deficiency. Think about it – do you know anyone who has a protein deficiency? I doubt it. The exception of course is that if you have had barbaric surgery your body may not be able to absorb protein. For most of people, if you are eating enough daily calories, you have enough protein.

I grew up on a dairy farm. I couldn’t imagine life without meat and dairy. Twenty-one years ago, I began my whole-food plant-based lifestyle. Hypnosis for weight loss made that possible. Today, I am slender, strong and healthy. That certainly wasn’t true when I ate meat and cheese.

Cancer Simplified


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Why is animal protein inflammatory – carcinogenic?
Protein from plants is primarily provided by the original amino acids that are then assembled into protein by the herbivore’s DNA. Protein for a carnivore (or any animal that ate meat) must disassemble the protein it got from eating the herbivore back into the original amino acids, that came from the plant, and then rebuild it into protein in compliance with the carnivore’s DNA. Remember; there is loss with every conversion, which means, not all of the animal’s protein gets disassembled. The remaining protein is waste, thus removed by the waste management systems; intestines, kidneys, etc. Unfortunately, there is loss in that process as well, resulting in intact animal proteins entering the body cavity and blood stream where it is transported, collecting in tissues throughout the body. I believe we are all aware that patients that receive an organ transplant requires anti-rejection drugs. These drugs inhibit the immune system from attacking the foreign, transplanted organ. The immune system regards Intact animal proteins as foreign because it is constructed by a different DNA. Thus, the immune system attacks it. And, as always, there is loss in that process as well, resulting in collateral damage; also known as inflammation. Remember; no inflammation = no cancer.”

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