Not all carbs are badMy post yesterday was Another blow to low carb dieting so it seems only appropriate that today’s post should continue the discussion that not all carbs are bad. The crazy fad of low carb has resulted in 80% of the adults in the U.S. are overweight. Kids today are living with chronic diseases that in the past were only seen in middle-aged adults.

Slender For Life™ hypnosis for weight loss is celebrating 25 years of successful and long lasting weight loss. What are the Slender For Life™ secrets to lose weight and keep it off? Quite simply, it’s a plant based lifestyle, self hypnosis and increase your level of activity.

Are all Cabs Bad?

Linda Carney, M.D., January 18, 2015: Desperate for rapid weight loss, many have turned to eating high-protein, low-carb diets in which meat is highly revered. At the same time, popular low-carb diet books malign the health benefits of many carbs including whole grains, beans, nuts/seeds and starchy vegetables. The common assertion is that carbs produce insulin spikes, resulting in unwanted weight gain. For this reason, all carbs have become the dieter’s adversary. The truth of the matter is, meat causes more insulin to be released than carbs from whole plant foods.

“Carbohydrates are not bad, our body (especially our brain) loves to use them for energy. However, carbohydrates from refined foods should be avoided, as they have been processed in a way that makes them harmful to our body. Instead, choose carbohydrates from unrefined foods. These are food in their original, or minimally processed, state. They contain all of the original fiber and nutrients, and as a result, are very beneficial to us. Lastly, when buying grains or grain products, make sure they are 100% whole grain.”

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I’m teaching a bariatric hypnosis class with my friend and colleague Richard Nongard and he pointed out in our last class that weight loss is not about a diet. It is about eating more nutrient dense health-giving foods (whole grains, vegetables and fruit).

The calorie dense Standard American Diet (SAD) foods are nutrient deficient and they make you fat and sick.

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I eat nutrient dense health-giving foods.

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