Carbs help

Yes, carbs help weight loss. The science to support low-carb diets was never there. Such nonsense has been disproven time and time again. For more than one hundred years, the evidence supporting a high-carb, whole food plant-based life style has been proven to improve health.

Slender, healthy people around the world have lived a whole food plant-based lifestyle free of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and all of the other disease caused by the Standard American Diet. Throughout history, slender and healthy people did not eat chicken, fish, beef, pork, dairy or potato chips.

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Carbs help

New study shows carbs may help aid weight loss

(WIAT) — After decades in the dog house, potatoes are back on the menu, even for dieters.

Starchy foods like plantains, bananas, yams, barley and beans are typically frowned upon when it comes to losing weight, but now increasing research shows they may actually help aid weight loss because they contain a unique kind of fiber called “resistant starch.”

Recent studies show that resistant starch also aids in digestion, boosts metabolism, reduces hunger and improves blood sugar control.

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Read New study shows carbs may help aid weight loss

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I eat the whole food plant-based carbs that promote my health.

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