Why is it that a bunch of carrots that you can pull from the ground cost more than a package of Twinkies? Why do our agricultural policies support a manufactured product with more than 40 ingredients like Twinkies over real food that grows in the earth? Our agricultural policies are making us fat and sick. Weight loss and healthy eating in our culture is challenging. Even so, Slender For Life™ weight loss hypnosis clients are overcoming those challenges and they are losing weight. People who use hypnosis for weight loss change desires from processed foods filled with fat, salt and sugar to real food so that you can safely and healthfully lose weight and maintain your ideal weight throughout your life. No crazy diets. No packaged food. No fad supplements. No points, blood types or zones – just great tasting plant strong food.

Why Are Twinkies Cheaper Than Carrots?

Thanks to their lobbying clout, government policies consistently favor the financial interests of these special interests over public health, even though the result is trillions of dollars in additional health care expenses. These subsidies aren’t just costing U.S. taxpayers and enriching big agribusiness. They are also having a devastating impact on the health of tens of millions of people. Americans are suffering from a high prevalence of obesity, cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, and hypertension. Although these conditions are largely preventable, they continue to harm millions of Americans and cause a mounting financial burden through health care costs. With all that we now know about nutrition, what kind of sense do these government policies make?

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I know that it’s only been 3 months since I last talked about the price of Twinkies, but high fructose corn syrup and other government subsidized toxins are making Americans fat and sick. At a time of sky rocketing health care costs and with projections that by 2030 60% of us will be obese, this is unconscionable.

It’s election year and we are all sick of the commercials. But, lets all vote – with our wallets. If we all just stopped buying processed foods filled with fat, sugar and salt and only bought real vegetables, whole grains and fruit, they’d stop making junk food.

What? You don’t think you can live without your Twinkies? That’s where hypnosis for weight loss comes in. When people learn weight loss hypnosis with Slender For Life™ you can change your desires for fast food and processed food for real food that makes you healthy, slender and strong.

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