Cauliflower steaks

I’ve heard so much about Cauliflower steaks and yet I’ve never tried them. That’s why this recipe jumped out at me. This recipe looks simple, quick and easy to make.

I’m thinking that I may try cooking them on the grill. I’d place the cauliflower on the grilling pan and brush on the sauce. Maybe I’d have a big mess but I do love the flavor of the grill. What are your thoughts?

Cauliflower steaks is the latest edition to the Slender For Life™ Recipe Library.

Cauliflower Steaks

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Mouth-Watering Cauliflower Steaks

From Lizi Stardust: “The humble cauliflower continues to amaze me with its epic versatility. From cauliflower cheese sauce to cauliflower rice what is there you can’t make with cauliflower? Nothing there is literally nothing you can’t make with good ol’Cauli. My current favourite way to eat cauliflower is in delicious steaks with a mouth-watering sauce. It is PERFECTION!”

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