I saw a Facebook posting from my grad school buddy Frankie Perez and his MindGym that said we should challenge our self-talk. That of coursed grabbed my attention because hypnosis is a great way to change your self-talk. Using self-hypnosis is like taking out the old cassette tape of negative chatter and replacing it with a new MP3 of positive self-talk. Here at Hypnosis Health Info there are many hypnosis MP3 downloads that support you in deleting the negative self-judgments and replacing them with positive and empowering messages.

Here is what Frankie Perez of MindGym wrote:

Our self-talk, the constant conversation we are having with ourselves, is between 150 to 300 words per minute. Unfortunately, as much as 77% of it tends to be in the form of negative self-judgments. When a negative thought comes into our awareness:

1. Challenge it – Ask yourself “is this true?”. Recognize that you are giving power to a negative or limiting belief and that you do not have to accept it.

2. Practice Self-Acceptance – Accept yourself exactly as you are at this very moment.

3. Replace it – Replace the negative thought with a positive and empowering message. There’s a part of you that is thirsting for your self-acceptance, kindness, and love.

I often hear people say “I know exactly how I should eat, but those donuts get me every time. That is because the conscious mind has the knowledge and the subconscious mind (where those negative self-judgments reside) has the imagination – and imagination will win!  The subconscious mind is out of rapport with the conscious mind. Its been said that people who are in rapport with their subconscious minds are in control of their destiny.

With self-hypnosis, you can change the negative self-judgments and thoughts of the subconscious mind and take control of your destiny. Put hypnosis to work for you and check out the hypnosis MP3 downloads here at Hypnosis Health Info that can support you in changing your self-talk.

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Your Hypnosis Health Info Hypnotic Suggestion for today:

I accept myself exactly as I am in this moment.

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