Change your diet to improve your moodDr. Michael Greger tells us that you can improve your mood when you change your diet. Vegetarian men and women had significantly better scores on the Depression, Anxiety and Stress scale and report significantly less negative emotion than omnivores. For years I have talked and written about how meat and dairy cause inflammation in the body – now we know that eating starch based food may improve symptoms of mood disturbance, depression, anxiety and stress within two weeks. It’s Halloween – are you celebrating life with childish joy or are you stuffing yourself with junk candy? Self hypnosis can help you to make diet and lifestyle changes. Don’t worry ….. Be happy with plant based food!

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Improving Mood Through Diet

In terms of psychological benefits, the egg-free vegetarian group significantly improved, meaning greater reductions in both the depression, anxiety, stress scale and the Profile of Mood States a measurement of mood disturbance. Though the no-poultry fish group did marginally better than the control group, the difference was not statistically significant.

Conclusion: The complete restriction of flesh foods significantly reduced mood variability in omnivores. Our results suggest that a vegetarian diet can reduce mood variability in omnivores. Perhaps eating less meat can help protect mood in omnivores, particularly important in those susceptible to mood disorders.

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Over the past 17 years I have coached clients with diet and lifestyle changes using hypnosis. Consistently, people who stop eating the food that makes you fat and sick and eat a starch based diet, tell me how much better they feel physically, mentally and emotionally. If you want to be happier, think more clearly and feel better, plant based food may be for you. And, of course, self hypnosis can help you make healthy diet and lifestyle changes so that you can celebrate life with childish joy.

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