Change your DNA with mindfulnessIn my talks at cancer centers and in my offices I am frequently telling people living with cancer, autoimmune disease or illness that you can change your DNA with mindfulness self hypnosis. Your body and mind are inextricably linked. Your mental state has measurable physical influence on your DNA. Studies show that people who use mindfulness based stress reduction are healthier and happier.

Learn mindfulness and improve your body’s natural ability to heal and to be healthy.

Changing Our DNA through Mind Control?

The body and mind appear inextricably linked. And findings from a new study published in Cancer by a Canadian group suggest that our mental state has measurable physical influence on us – more specifically on our DNA.

Lead investigator Dr. Linda E. Carlson and her colleagues found that in breast cancer patients, support group involvement and mindfulness meditation – an adapted form of Buddhist meditation in which practitioners focus on present thoughts and actions in a non-judgmental way, ignoring past grudges and future concerns — are associated with preserved telomere length. Telomeres are stretches of DNA that cap our chromosomes and help prevent chromosomal deterioration — biology professors often liken them to the plastic tips on shoelaces. Shortened telomeres aren’t known to cause a specific disease per se, but they do whither with age and are shorter in people with cancer, diabetes, heart disease and high stress levels. We want our telomeres intact.

The biologic benefits of meditation in particular extend well beyond telomere preservation. Earlier work by Carlson found that in cancer patients, mindfulness is associated with healthier levels of the stress hormone cortisol and a decrease in compounds that promote inflammation. Moreover, as she points out, “generally healthy people in a work-based mindfulness stress reduction program have been shown to produce higher antibody titers to the flu vaccine than controls, and there has been promising work looking at the effects of mindfulness in HIV and diabetes.” Past findings also show that high stress increases the risk of viral infections – including the common cold – as well as depression and cardiovascular disease.

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Since 1997 I have been teaching people mindfulness based self hypnosis for health and wellness in Seattle, Bainbridge Island, Forks and on online to people in other states and countries. It is exciting that more and more scientific studies are supporting the merits of mindfulness practices. No matter where you may live, give me a call or send me an email and take control of your health.

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