Change happens – sometimes purposefully but seldom in a straight line. I believe that change can happen easier with self-hypnosis. I talk with clients frequently about change and I have often taught classes on change. The process of  continues to intrigue me and like most things, the more I learn, the less I know. Here is what I do know. With real change, you will have greater success if you are compassionate towards yourself. Allow your process, allow yourself to screw it up and then do it again, differently.

Change – It’s Not a Straight Line Process

Behavior Change does not occur in a straight line. We do not move directly from point “A” to point “B”. In fact, it looks more like Billie running around the neighborhood in a Family Circus cartoon. I usually describe change as a spiral. You work through an issue, you move on and then BAM! – there it is in your face again. It’s really easy to think and feel at that point of facing that issue again that you are a failure. But, I suggest you are not – I suggest that at that point you are ready for a deeper cut, for a deeper healing. You are ready for more growth. You are recycling.

Read Change – It’s Not A Straight Line Process

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