I was carrying fire wood in the house the other day and I heard CNN‘s Larry King on some show and he said that once you have had a heart attack you would be nuts to not eat healthy and exercise. DUH! You think?

The sad truth according to Dr. Edward Miller, dean of the medical school and CEO of the hospital at John Hopkins University, is that two years after having coronary-artery bypass grafting 90% of people have not changed their lifestyle. Given the choice of change or die, 90% die!

Dr. Dean Ornish MD, professor of medicine at the University of California at San Francisco and founder of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute, in Sausalito, California, says that in order for people to change says that just providing health information to people is not enough, you have to speak to the mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions. Health just is not a motivator.

One of the reasons for my video, Remember When, is to get you to think about what you will do with good health. How will you feel about yourself? How will you feel about your body? What will it be like for you to wander around Italy at age 80 and have the physical ability to do that?

I teach all my clients self-hypnosis so that they can make changes in their life. Most people approach health changes with will-power. They try to eat healthy, they try to exercise – but before long, they are back to old habits and lifestyle. With regular use of hypnosis, changes become long-lasting. With hypnotherapy, the choice can be change and live!