Change your taste budsDid you know that it can be really easy to change your taste buds? You can do it in as little as 3 weeks simply by not eating the foods that make you fat and sick. At Seattle weight loss hypnosis you can learn the hypnosis weight loss tools that will help you easily end your cravings and desires for unhealthy food. Within just 3 weeks you will have all new taste buds and those old unhealthy foods just won’t taste good. You’ll wonder what you ever saw in them to begin with.

Changing Our Taste Buds

Within a few weeks of eating healthier, our taste sensations change such that foods with lower salt, sugar, and fat content actually taste better.

How can we overcome our built-in hunger drives for salt, sugar, and fat? We now have scientific evidence to back up the claim that if you go a few weeks cutting down on junk food and animal products, your tastes start to change. We now think humans may actually taste fat, just like we taste sweet, sour, and salty, and people on low fat diets start liking low fat foods and high fat foods less.

Our tongues may actually become more sensitive to fat. And the more sensitive our tongues become, the less butter, meat, dairy and eggs we eat. Whereas we get a blunted taste for fat if we pile too much of it in our faces, it’s also associated with eating more calories, more fat, more dairy, meat, and eggs and even being fatter ourselves. And this change in sensation, this numbing of our fat sensation, can happen after just a few weeks.

Read Changing Our Taste Buds

You don’t have to give into your impulses. On page 144 of my book, Becoming Slender For Life, I write: “Our taste buds’ memory only lasts about three weeks. By starting out each morning with a breakfast of oatmeal or other wholegrain cereal, having a piece of fruit midmorning and mid-afternoon for a snack, with lunch and dinner consisting of a fist-size serving of vegetables and a fist-size serving of high-fiber grains or legumes, a person can change their physical cravings in as little as three weeks. So for the first three weeks, I urge you to have no dairy products, no processed foods, no sweets including chocolate and sodas, and no beef, pork, poultry or fish.

You are more than your impulses. Hypnosis for weight loss can help you to change your cravings for 3 weeks and for the rest of your life. Make positive changes in your taste buds at Seattle weight loss and Bainbridge weight loss.

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