With hypnosis you can change your story that you tell yourself about you, about life and the world around you. Clients come to me stuck in their stories and with self-hypnosis they have the opportunity to write a new story of empowerment and of abundance. Are you stuck repeating the same old self-defeating patterns in your life? Why not use hypnotherapy and change your story?

My wife and I recently enjoyed an evening at the A Time To Gather event in the new Suquamish House of Awakened Culture. It was a celebration of the House and a fund raiser for the new Suquamish tribal museum.  For me, the highlight of the evening was listening to two of my most favorite performers,  R. Carlos Nakai and Keola Beamer. For anyone who does not know, Carlos Nakai is a Navajo flutist and Keola Beamer is a Hawaiian singer and slack-key guitar musician. If you have ever had a session in my Seattle hypnosis or Bainbridge Island hypnosis offices you have heard Nakai. I always have his flute music playing softly in the background.

Both Beamer and Nakai performed individually and then they played together. Keola’s wife Moanalani danced hula in many of the numbers. I loved how the ancient Hawaiian chant, dance and Navajo chant mixed together telling stories of love and ancient gods. These stories of life reminded me how much I love stories. I have driveway moments with NPR’s StoryCorps and don’t get between me and A Prairie Home Companion.

One of the many things I love about my work is listening to the stories my clients tell. Sometimes these are stories of love and success. Usually, they are stories of deep loss and regret (which is why the client has come to see me). We make up meanings about our life’s experiences and then we tell these stories over and over to ourselves and to anyone who will listen. And, we come to believe that they are true. Stories may be tales of “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not important”, “Life is not safe” “I’m a failure” or any of a multitude of limiting beliefs and decisions that keep us from creating success.

We forget that we have the ability to write a new story. We can change our beliefs and our decisions about ourselves and about life and create new stories that serve us and propel us forward. That’s where hypnotherapy can be a tremendous help.

With hypnosis you can let go of the old stories that no longer serve you and write a new story that is empowering. This is one of the reasons I am so adamant about teaching self-hypnosis to all my clients. I want you to be able to create a new story that leads you to the abundance life has to offer.

Put hypnosis to work for you and get out of those old stories that no longer serve you. Write a new story of empowerment!

Visit the Suquamish Foundation and help build the new museum.

If you want some great music, I highly recommend R. Carlos Nakai and Keola Beamer‘s Our Beloved Land.

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I am writing a new story.

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