So, are you willing to change to lose weight? Are you really? Are you willing to make the lifestyle choices that allow for healthy weight loss or do you just want a quick and easy fix? Are you willing to take the time to shop and prepare healthy food? Are you willing to bring your lunch and snacks of vegetables and fruit with you to work? Are you willing to take healthy snacks with you when you are running errands on your days off? Slender For Life™ offers you solutions for a healthy lifetime. Are you willing to do your part and put them to work? If so, hypnosis for weight loss can change your life.

So are you willing to change?

Diets focus on the physical aspects of losing weight. Eat a certain regime of food and you lose weight. When the diet is over, the weight comes back on because there was little or no behavioral change. As with any transformation, weight loss is much more than a physical matter. Change must occur in every area—physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We are on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual journey.

Weight loss is much more than a physical matter.

In order for change to occur, you have to want to change and you have to be willing to do the healing work. Just buying a gym membership or reading a book is not enough. You have to show up and put in the effort. In fact, the true work occurs out in the real world, (not in my office) and it can be painful, rather like growing pains. When my granddaughter Kenna was ten, she told me one day that her legs hurt. When I asked why, she replied, “It’s growing pains.” She’s rapidly growing tall and slender and her body strains to keep up, and sometimes it just hurts. Well, so do the strains of growing mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Making changes, like letting go of your weight, is apt to be a painful experience—but certainly well worth the effort.

Any change, even going on your dream vacation or moving into your dream home, has a level of stress involved. Often, when faced with pain (stress, hurt, anger, fear, sadness and so on) we turn to our drug of choice to not feel this pain. This drug of choice may be food, alcohol, tobacco, sex, pornography, gambling, shopping, the Internet, shoplifting or any other addictive behavior. When the drug is taken away, we then get to experience the pain.

It’s really not about the food— food just muffles your pain.

Once you substitute healthier coping skills, you won’t need to treat food as a drug and it will then be easier to make better choices about what you eat.

Fourth grade teacher Carmen was willing to change, and she released her final 40 pounds (of a 130 pound loss) with the Slender For Life™ program. She now says she is “happier, calmer and more confident. I was shy and could not fit into airplane and theatre seats. People looked at me funny and I suffered in my head. With hypnosis I am happier with myself. I am more outgoing and I don’t have that crazy feeling that I need to eat junk food. I now eat healthy, have more energy and I am more focused. People admire what I have done and I refer my friends to Slender For Life™. When asked how she felt about her improved appearance, Carmen replied, “A million, million, million times better—happy, happier, like it doesn’t solve everything, but a least when I look in the mirror it makes me feel that at least one big thing is going right… no more Lane Bryant and seat belt extenders for me!”

“With hypnosis I am happier with myself. I am more outgoing and I don’t have that crazy feeling that I need to eat junk food.” ~Carmen

We’re all born without defenses; we develop mental and emotional defenses as we get older. It’s a good thing that we do. Without the protections of these mental and emotional shields, we’d be constantly bombarded by undesirable feelings and external threats, both real and imagined. Defensive reactions allow us to avoid, temporarily at least, what we cannot confront and let us get on with our lives.

But we pay a price for these necessary psychic protectors. They alleviate pain but distort and disguise our experiences. They don’t resolve problems, although they may help us momentarily feel better, and they can hurt us in the long run. Not only can these defenses prevent us from seeing our problems, they become habit. We become tolerant to our pain and accept it—in a way it’s comfortable because it’s familiar. It’s what we know and to step outside of what we know is uncomfortable and scary. This is another kind of trance that prevents us from getting what we say we want in life. These fixed ideas and tolerance to pain become comfortable—familiar.

No matter how painful it is to be overweight, the fear of change and the fear of the unknown is often greater.

Sometimes we contemplate change. We’re aware our defenses aren’t working very well for us, but we aren’t yet ready to act. Change threatens our very identity and asks us to abandon our way of being. Change threatens our security. What we know is familiar and we are not ready to venture into the unfamiliar. And, what if we fail in making change? This is a fear that can paralyze and prevent change. One client, Jackie, wrote, “I thought that I came here to release my weight, like letting go of a balloon. But when I opened my hand, the whole bunch of balloons were released. Now I don’t know who I am.”

We become tolerant to our pain and accept it.

I’ve had people call for information about weight loss and then use every excuse from parking to money to avoid actually scheduling or showing up for the consultation.

Choosing to lose weight or making any other change in your life takes preparation and perseverance. Many changes—quitting smoking or drinking, releasing weight, reducing stress or becoming active—involve a kind of psychic surgery that is as serious as many lifesaving operations. The date you set to start your weight reduction program is as important as one for coronary bypass surgery or chemotherapy. People fail to arrange enough time, energy and money to lose weight. They may have taken years to put the weight on and spent thousands of dollars in sweets and fatty foods. Yet they think that with one session they’ll magically change their behavior, lose the weight and keep it off.

Experts reveal that weight-loss clients have the best chance of maintaining their goal weight when they are actively involved in a weight-loss program for 22 weeks or more.

Some of the most successful Slender For Life™ clients will leave their initial consultation without signing up, because they realize they have preparatory work to do first. They tell me they are going to think about it and talk with their spouse or partner. They go home and look at their work and family schedules and plan when they’ll attend their appointments with me, when they’ll get in their exercise, listen to a 30-minute CD, plan their menus, shop and prepare healthy foods and how they’ll handle any family resistance to eating more healthily.

Then with their groundwork done, they start their work with me with many of the pitfalls removed.

Becoming Slender For Life , pages 21 – 24

Defensive reactions allow us to avoid, temporarily at least, what we cannot confront and let us get on with our lives. What price are you paying for your psychic protectors? Are you willing to put down your defensive reactions for change in your life?

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