Changing Pain to Comfort

Changing Pain to Comfort is my article published in the September – October issue of Desert Health. You are probably familiar with the traditional medical pain scale where “0” is no pain and “10” is excruciating. But, rather than focusing on pain, what if you were to focus on comfort?

It makes no difference if you are dealing with physical, mental, emotional or spiritual pain, I invite you to focus on creating more comfort. That’s why I use the the Comfort Scale first introduced to me by Kelley T. Woods.

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To find out more about how you can change pain to comfort, read my full article: Changing Pain to Comfort

Changing Pain to Comfort

Pain is subjective, and suffering is determined by the meaning you give to the experience. When you react emotionally to the pain, you begin to suffer. Anxiety, frustration, guilt and the fear of pain continuing are examples of suffering. Suffering also derives from the helplessness and depression that often follow seemingly endless medical visits with no improvement.

Read my full article: Changing Pain to Comfort

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