Are you being chased by an imaginary tiger 1How often are you being chased by an imaginary tiger  … that seldom manifests? I’m reading Hardwiring Happiness, an excellent book by Rick Hanson, that explains how your brain becomes hardwired for fear. The problem is that most of the tigers that we imagine never happen. For some people, the imagining of these tigers becomes chronic – leading to anxiety and even panic attacks. Hypnosis for stress and anxiety can help you to be mindful and know that in the moment you are OK. At Seattle Hypnosis with Roger Moore you can learn hypnosis to hardwire happiness and unhook the hardwiring of fear.

Confronting the Negativity Bias

“Our ancestors could make two kinds of mistakes: (1) thinking there was a tiger in the bushes when there wasn’t one, and (2) thinking there was no tiger in the bushes when there actually was one. The cost of the first mistake was needless anxiety, while the cost of the second one was death. Consequently, we evolved to make the first mistake a thousand times to avoid making the second mistake even once…the default setting of the brain is to overestimate threats, underestimate opportunities, and underestimate resources both for coping with threats and for fulfilling opportunities.

Then we update these beliefs with information that confirms them, while ignoring or rejecting information that doesn’t. There are even regions in the amygdala specifically designed to prevent the unlearning of fear, especially from childhood experiences. As a result, we end up preoccupied by threats that are actually smaller or more manageable than we’d feared, while overlooking opportunities that are actually greater than we’d hoped for. In effect, we’ve got a brain that’s prone to “paper tiger paranoia”.”

Read Confronting the Negativity Bias

Are you being chased by an imaginary tiger 2If you have a pulse, you’ve probably had the experience of worrying about something that never happened or even worrying about something terrible that turned out to be wonderful. To top it all off, that fear and it’s resulting stress can become addictive. When this happens, you then start creating more situations of imaginary tigers. You have a choice. You can create negative future fantasies or you can create positive future fantasies. Either way, its your imagination. If you are ready to start hardwiring happiness, you too can learn hypnosis for stress and anxiety.


Read Hardwiring Happiness: The New Brain Science of Contentment, Calm, and Confidence


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