Chat With Women had another Chat Party last night and my Slender For Life associate Craig Sigl and I had the privilege of attending. This party was at the Lexus of Bellevue and was attended by 300 women, many of whom came and talked with Craig and I about hypnosis, weight loss, stop smoking, fibromyalgia and irritable bowel syndrome, sports performance and reducing their stress and anxiety. Some were interested in actually studying hypnotherapy and others wanted to learn self-hypnosis for their own personal use.

I was surprised to meet women from Gig Harbor and Bainbridge Island at the Chat Party. It was a great event and I recommend that if you live in Puget Sound you consider attending the next one in February 2008.

This morning Craig and I had the opportunity to talk live on the radio with Pam and Rochelle from Chat With Women. I love talking about hypnosis and I love telling people how they can Become Slender For Life.