Inner Child for weight loss is this weeks hypnosis MP3 Download available in the Hypnosis Health Info Store. Inner Child for weight loss is one of the selected individual tracks from the Becoming Slender For Life Audio Reinforcement System. If you feel like there are two people with in you – one that want’s to eat healthy and lose weight and one that doesn’t care and just wants what it wants NOW, then this MP3 download is for you.

Inner Child

Think of your body as a young child, for your body is very much like a young child. Just as a young child must accept what it’s parents choose to feed it, your body has no choice other than to accept whatever you choose to feed it. However, you do have a choice, and you from this moment on feel compelled to be a more loving, more nurturing, a more responsible parent for this child. You feel compelled to treat your body with more dignity and more respect. You feel compelled to feed and care for your body more responsibly. Length: 32:35
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I am now the loving, nurturing adult giving loving care to my inner child.

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