In addition to diabetes and heart disease, your child’s brain development may be negatively impacted by childhood obesity. For the most part, childhood obesity is preventable and can even be reversed with healthy plant based eating, exercise and self empowerment tools like self hypnosis. We simply cannot continue feeding our kids processed food, fast food and unhealthy school lunches. We are killing our kids with food and too much time with electronic games and TV. We CAN change this! Kids are naturals at self hypnosis. I love it when parents have me help them teach their children how to use hypnosis for healthy lifestyle changes, for academics and sports performance.

Can Childhood Obesity Hinder the Brain?

WebMD Health News, September 4, 2012: A new study shows that children who are overweight or obese may face problems with brain development, especially if they have risk factors for metabolic syndrome.

Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of problems that set the stage for diabetes and heart disease.

  • The risks for metabolic syndrome include:
  • Belly fat
  • High levels of blood fats called triglycerides
  • Insulin resistance or prediabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Low level of “good” HDL cholesterol

In the new study, obese or overweight teens with metabolic syndrome could not read as well, scored worse on math tests, and took longer to complete tasks than children who did not have metabolic syndrome. What’s more, their brains also had physical differences.

Metabolic syndrome was unheard of in kids until recently. It is striking that a significant number of kids have metabolic syndrome, but the fact that we can show further consequences in the brain is even more striking.

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We need to be very vigilant when children start to gain belly fat and we need to be the ones to set a healthy example. If you are overweight, then you must eat healthy, lose weight and exercise. You cannot expect your kids to eat healthy and go outside to play if you are sneaking chips and not moving. At Slender For Life™ hypnosis for weight loss clients learn ways of being more physically active that can be fun enjoyable and involve the whole family.

Ocean Robbins wrote in an email that, “The US’s national school lunch program serves an estimated 30 million lunches per day.  Some children growing up in poverty depend on those meals for their survival. But what on Earth are we feeding our kids?

A recent study found that less than 6% of the school lunch programs in the United States are meeting basic nutritional guidelines.” The problem lies with the USDA’s  commodity foods program. To learn more about what you can do to help make your kids healthier, read YOU Can Help Make School Lunches Healthier!

Even young children can learn to use self hypnosis effectively to help them with healthy eating, weight loss, exercise, self esteem, academics, sports performance and performing arts. It excites me when teens on the Lacrosse team tell me that they use hypnosis that I teach them for sports in the class room and they say it helped improve their grades. Isn’t it time that you and your children learn self hypnosis?

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