Eat nutritious foods seems obvious but when it comes to childhood obesity making weight loss a family affair is crucial. I grew up as an obese child and I know the what it’s like to be the fat kid. And I understand how challenging it is as a child to eat nutritious foods. At my Seattle weight loss office of Slender For Life™ I am passionate about hypnosis weight control for children being a family affair. Weight loss hypnosis is easy for children and families to use and kids are naturals at self-hypnosis and at knowing how to hypnotize. Here at Hypnosis Health Info I have free self hypnosis tools for you and your family.

Yesterday in my post Weight Loss Hypnosis: Middle Schooler Willie Nelson Solves Obesity Crisis I quoted Willie and Dr. John McDougall about eating foods that make you strong. Those foods are vegetables, whole grains and fruit. Kids will get all the protein they need from food that looks like it was dug from the earth, picked off a plant or bush or out of a tree.

If your house is filled with junk food and processed foods and you are frequently serving your kids fast food, your children don’t stand a chance at weight loss. Childhood obesity is a preventable epidemic in this country but it has to be a family affair according to the Mayo Clinic and that certainly supports my experience at Slender For Life™. Remember, the best way to get your child onboard with the new, active lifestyle is to commit to the changes yourself. Your actions teach your child what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat. You also encourage your child to be physically active every day if you make it a priority yourself.

In order for your children to be successful with weight loss you really do have to be a Positive Role Model. Buy healthy snacks and meals for your family and model healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. Moms and dads need to get out and exercise. Eat slowly, eat consciously. Use food to nourish your body – not to numb out to the stresses of the day.

At Seattle weight loss families know that I am passionate about hypnosis weight control. Self-hypnosis is easy for children and families to learn. Weight loss hypnosis works and kids naturally know how to hypnotize themselves.

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My family eats nutritious foods.

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