If you are dealing with childhood obesity in your family, weight loss should be a family affair and it is important that you recognize your family’s food triggers. The Seattle weight loss program Slender For Life™ supports families in using the best weight loss methods. When it comes to fat loss, your Slender For Life™ coach knows how to support your family with healthy weight loss. Weight loss hypnosis really can work for you and your family. Find out how your family can learn to hypnotize with self-hypnosis and support your obese child.

The Mayo Clinic says: “Be prepared for situations that may tempt you to fall back to your old habits. If you’re used to eating popcorn at the movies, for example, bring only enough money for admission — or agree that you’ll share a small carton of popcorn with your child rather than ordering separate treats.”

You may know that I was an obese child and that 14 years ago I weighed over 100 pounds more than I do now. i tried all the diets and it was weight loss hypnosis that made the difference for me. I remember as a child that one of the most special and most loving times in my family was just prior to going to bed. We would gather in the kitchen (all of us standing) with mom’s homemade chocolate chip cookies, or ice cream or graham crackers with peanut butter and of course, there was always milk (my dad was a dairy farmer). This nightly ritual was a time of sharing stories of the day, a time of laughter, a time when we all came together and a time when I felt the most loved. So of course, as an adult,feeling unloved was a trigger that got me standing in the kitchen eating cookies, ice cream or what ever I could get my hands on.

Today, I use the Light Switch Self-Hypnosis technique to manage eating triggers and be in touch with my emotional needs. I know that food nourishes my body and that love nurtures my heart and soul.

Your Slender For Life™ weight loss coach knows knows that successful weight loss involves the whole family. Becoming Slender For Life and the Becoming Slender for Life hypnosis CD set helps you recognize and change the food triggers in your family. Fast weight loss is temporary – so be smart, make weight loss a family affair. Call Slender For Life™ for your free weight loss hypnosis consultation. You too can learn how to hypnotize with self-hypnosis.

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I recognize unhealthy eating triggers and create healthy alternatives.

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