I have posted previously about social isolation and I have certainly posted about childhood obesity, but this is the first time I have discussed the two together. I find it interesting that more children are overweight than ever before and the social isolation continues to be an issue. Childhood obesity is for the most part preventable and as a nation we must work to put an end to it. We must stop abusing our children with obesity. At Slender For Life™ I know that weight loss for children must be a family affair. Children can easily learn to use hypnosis for healthy eating, exercise, academics, music and sports.

Obesity Puts Young Kids
at Risk of Social Isolation

WebMD, September 19, 2011: Obesity increases the risk that young children will become socially isolated by their grade-school years, a new study shows. Researchers found that kids who were obese compared to their classmates at ages 4 and 5 were up to 20% more likely to face difficulties in their peer relationships by ages 8 and 9 than normal-weight kids. Difficulties reported by parents and teachers included teasing and rejection, trouble making friends, and not being included in social activities like birthday parties.

The finding echoes previous studies in older children and adolescents that have found that those who are overweight and obese are more stigmatized, isolated, and disconnected from social networks than their normal-weight peers.
Obesity may hurt children’s mental health in a couple of ways.

First, obese children may consider themselves to be the target of criticism, leading them to withdraw from peer activities. And second, it is possible that adults model critical attitudes and behaviors about body size which are imitated by other kids at school. The combination can leave kids feeling left out. These things are potential risk factors for later mental health problems.

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Children can be very cruel to each other and bullying is a serious issue. Studies among adults show that overweight and obese adults are more likely to be prejudiced against other overweight and obese adults than are adults who are at a healthy weight. I wonder if this is true for children as well. I am totally against any and all forms of discrimination and bullying. If you have overweight or obese children in your family I urge you to consider doing two things: 1) make weight loss, healthy eating and exercise a family affair – in fact a family priority. And, 2) educate yourself about bullying and do your part to prevent it. Check out Anderson Cooper’s AC 360 coverage of bullying.

At Slender For Life™ children and adults learn hypnosis for weight loss and know that they can use self-hypnosis  for academics and sports performance. Hypnosis can also help you treat yourself and others with compassion. God’s grace and kindness starts within you. Do you live it?

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