Quick fixes don’t work, especially when it comes to childhood obesity and teen weight loss. When used appropriately, weight loss hypnosis can be part of the solution for children, teens and their parents. At the Seattle hypnosis program Slender For Life™, from my own experience and from working with weight loss clients since 1997, I know that diets, don’t work. Hypnosis for weight loss is proven work for teens and their families. With self-hypnosis you can make that lifetime commitment to keeping the weight off.

MayoClinic.com says: Help your teen understand that losing weight — and keeping it off — is a lifetime commitment. Fad diets may rob your growing teen of iron, calcium and other essential nutrients. Weight-loss pills and other quick fixes don’t address the root of the problem. And the effects are often short-lived. Without a permanent change in habits, any lost weight is likely to return — and then some. To read the whole article, go to MayoClinic.com.

My book, Becoming Slender For Life and its hypnosis CD set provides teens and their families the weight loss hypnosis skills to live at a healthy ideal weight. Discover how easy it is to use self-hypnosis. Stop looking for quick fixes and make life-long changes with hypnosis for weight loss. Learn more about Slender For Life™.

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