Weak bones and type 2 diabetes are risks of childhood obesity. Childhood is the time to protect children form osteoporosis, diabetes and the other health risks of obesity. You may already know that children are naturals at self-hypnosis and can be very successful with hypnosis for weight loss. No matter where you live, call or email me about your overweight child and lets create a weight loss hypnosis program for your family.

Overweight Kids Risk Weak Bones, Diabetes

Found in WebMD Health News on August 17, 2010: Overweight children who are at risk for developing diabetes before puberty also face greater odds for having weak bones, a new study indicates.

Our greatest window of opportunity to enhance bone strength and ultimately reduce the risk of osteoporosis is during childhood, before the capacity to build bone mass diminishes. One of the best things you can do for bone development and general health is exercise.

Parents should pay close attention to the diet and eating behaviors of their children as preventive measures for diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and reduced bone mass. Kids have time to make positive changes that will reduce their future risk for developing diabetes and weak bones.

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Your child can easily learn self-hypnosis. Do your part to end childhood obesity and support your family with hypnosis for weight loss.

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