Childhood obesity is preventable and Seattle weight loss has observed that weight affects how even the littlest kids see themselves. I am becoming more passionate about ending childhood obesity and my wish is that kids were taught self-hypnosis in infancy. You and your kids can easily learn how to hypnotize yourself with my self-hypnosis technique. Learn more from Hypnosis Health Info with the free hypnosis download. Promote your kids self-esteem by preventing childhood obesity.

In a July 10, 2009 Reuters article, “As early as kindergarten, kids who are overweight feel more lonely and anxious than their normal-weight peers, new research shows.

And for both boys and girls who are persistently overweight from kindergarten through third grade, these feelings of depression, anxiety and loneliness get worse over time, Dr. Sara Gable of the University of Missouri in Columbia and her colleagues found.

“I think there’s a tendency to believe that boys don’t experience those consequences until later,” Gable told Reuters Health. “These findings suggest that they are experiencing some of these negative consequences earlier than may have been believed.”

Teachers rated the girls who were overweight throughout the study, as well as those who only were overweight in third grade, as having worse interpersonal skills than girls who were never overweight. They also viewed overweight girls as having less self-control, and the differences seen between the heavy girls and normal-weight girls increased over time.

However, a boy’s weight status had no influence on how a teacher perceived his social or self-control skills. Heavy boys were actually viewed as showing fewer aggressive, acting-out behaviors than normal weight boys, while the opposite was true for girls, with overweight girls seen as showing more of these “externalizing” behaviors.

Children who were overweight at any point during the study also perceived themselves as having worse interpersonal skills, lower social standing, and worse peer relationships. The heavy children also reported having more “internalizing” behaviors, such as social withdrawal or depression.”

Childhood obesity is preventable scourge on our society. Seattle weight loss knows that eliminating and preventing childhood obesity has to be a family affair. Weight has an impact on self-esteem at an early age and even little children can learn self-hypnosis. You and your kids can easily learn how to hypnotize yourself with my self-hypnosis technique. Learn more from Hypnosis Health Info with this free hypnosis download .

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