Dr. Nancy Schneiderman on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams told of a new report on childhood obesity. The report says that only 1/3 of all physicians use a Body Mass Index (BMI) for children. The report says that to prevent childhood obesity:

  1. Doctors must check the BMI for children
  2. Children must get 1 hour of exercise each day
  3. A sit down family dinner is important
  4. Breakfast is essential
  5. Breastfeed the first 6 months of life

It is easier to prevent childhood obesity than it is for overweight children to lose weight. When children come to Slender For Life, I now insist on working with the family. In my early years of using hypnosis for weight loss, I found that the kids were easy to work with, but parents would pick them up from my office and take them to McDonald’s because they didn’t have time to prepare dinner. The kids of course became frustrated. Hypnotherapy with children is great for weight loss and kids love to learn and use self-hypnosis. Not only do they use hypnotherapy to curb their eating and increase exercise, they use hypnosis to improve academics, sports and other activities.